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Caernarfon Chamber of Trade
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Does the Chamber have a "Mission Statement"?

Of course we do!

To promote the economic growth and stability of Caernarfon, and surrounding areas, for the benefit of all.

Short, and straight to the point!

What can the Chamber offer its members?

  • Regular Meetings, some with invited guests as a response to member wishes.
  • Representation for all local businesses.
  • Links with Local Authorities and Various Organisations.
  • The ability to influence decision making in areas important to local businesses.
  • Networking - The possibility to expand your business locally.
  • Meet other like-minded business people and exchange views and ideas.
  • Advertising for your business through our online Member's Directory.

Who can join?

Any business in Caernarfon and the surrounding areas can join the Chamber. This includes companies of any size, type and public limited companies.

Do we have to attend meetings?

There is no requirement of any member to attend open meetings, although it is highly recommended. All members are informed in advanced of all Open meetings, open meetings will also be announced both online on the home page, and via the local press.

Can we "try before we buy"?

Of course! However, we do ask that once you've attended a couple of meetings and that you are happy, that you please help support the Chamber by becoming a member. If you are not happy, and do not wish to become a member, then please tell us why - your feedback, good, or bad, is very important to the future development of the Chamber.

Do we have to volunteer for anything?

There is no requirement to volunteer or participate at any time. Committee members are elected from nominations, of which the nominee has every right to decline. Officers of the Committee do have an obligation to attend Committee meetings and carry out their specific tasks.

How much does it cost?

The current cost for joining the Chamber of trade is £25 per year. Payment can be made by standing order or by cheque. For more information please visit the "How to Join" page.

What does the website offer members?

Once you become a member of the Chamber you will be given a unique username and password for the website. In the members area you will be able to check the status of your membership to see when it is due, and you will even be warned 30 days before it expires. You will also be able to read all of the past Chamber minutes (from 2007 onwards), you will be able to download the Chamber constitution, you will have access to Members only news, you will also be able to submit any feedback or suggestions to the executive committee. You will also be informed of up and coming meetings, and will have the opportunity to confirm attendance, or send apologies for not being able to make the meeting.

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Chamber of Trade